Video: Get Towed

Get Towed takes you along for the ride as North and West Vancouver motorists who break the law get their comeuppance. The guys from Mitchell’s Towing won’t go home empty handed- they’ll either have your car or your cash, and they don’t care which.

Get Towed is a documentary made by BCIT Broadcast Journalism students, Rafferty Baker, Caley Ramsay, Shelby Thom, Carmen Weld and Braden Oates.

What do you think of tow truck drivers? Are they just doing their job, or do you think they’re bent on frustrating drivers by stealing their cars?

Video: Getting ‘Er Done

Here’s a short film I put together about a graffiti artist named Mike. It was originally a little news-styled piece, but I cut this version a little longer and I left my voice out. I had some help on this project from classmates Amanda Coumbos and Conor Hammond. The music was produced by my friend, Naman Cale.

What do you think of graffiti writers like Mike? Are they making the streets a more culturally rich and beautiful place, or are they making it uglier, while leaving property owners with the bill? Don’t be shy, leave some gratuitously opinionated comments below.

Video: Burnaby Crows

If you’ve been following Another Enthusiast for long, you’ll know I like the crows. I’ve posted about them a few times (1, 2, 3). Now I bring you a news-style video piece on the subject. This was done with the help of my classmate, Michaela Ross.

What do you think of crows? Are they an annoyance, or are you pro-crow? That’s why there’s a comments section, turkey. Let us know what you think!