Photo: Grown-up Crow

This guy was squawking up there in the cherry tree. For a crow, it made some unusual sounds. It was kind of pathetic up there, but the reason quickly became apparent: It’s a stupid baby. Even though it’s basically full-sized, it still isn’t very good at life. Its feathers barely cover its pink skin and it seemed to require several adult escorts. Good luck, little buddy (even though you’re already a grown-up).

3 thoughts on “Photo: Grown-up Crow

  1. Well hi there little fella! Welcome to our neighbourhood. I hope you weren’t too traumatized by Gandhi stalking you while you learned to fly (I assume that was you hiding in those bushes while your parents nervously looked on?).

  2. I totally identify with this guy! I also appear grown-up, however require supervision :)!

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